Jenny's Favorites: May Edition

May, the first month this year that I've been home more than traveling! Woohoo! Here are some of my favorites, old and new, that I've been enjoying this month.

1. My "gardening" this spring has consisted of buying potted basil from Trader Joe's and planting it in my raised bed. It's been alive and growing a whole month. VICTORY.

2. For those few moments in life where I feel the need to be fancy/feel like a grownup lady, this lipstick has been a great spring-y color, not too intense.

3. I've been on a This American Life kick...from the family stranded at sea (which Teresa blogged about) to the twins separated at birth, I just can't get enough. For some summer nostalgia, check out this one on camp.

4. Loving this foundation from Chanel. If you're in Seattle, go see Teresa's sister Laura at Nordstrom downtown. She's our makeup guru :).

5. Smoothies have become my go-to for breakfast, either berry or a mix of greens and things. This chart has been helpful.

6. Seattleites, you MUST try Six Strawberries Ice Pops! My favorite is the Cafe Vita.

7. Birkenstocks are back! I retrieved my old pair from my parents house a few months ago, patting myself on the back for begin such a cool middle schooler (haha). Jason noticed them in our bedroom last week and asked when I'd managed to go shopping. My reply, 1998. Boom.

8. This month I've been filing my favorite Fiesta bowl with these. #healthysnack

9. I've washing my face with a konjac sponge for the past couple of weeks and I'm sold. I'd wanted to be a Clairsonic person, but with traveling so much, I ended up giving mine to my mom. This is a much better fit for me.

10. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! Well, for anyone else out there who wants to scratch their eyes out of their head from allergies, then you to, will love these eye drops.

11. Since the 30/30 Project is working with Partners in Health on it's first clinic being built in Malawi, I finally read Mountains Beyond Mountains. I have to admit, this has been on my "to read" list since college, I just tend to stick with fiction, so I never got around to it. I love that it's a fairly easy read and it's incredibly encouraging to see that people, non-profits, governments, all working together can make changes in the world, both big and small.

12. The music of Astrud Gilberto has been the soundtrack of my life this month, I find the tempo and her voice soothing, perfect for getting me through spring cleaning. (Can't quite place her? I'm sure you've at least heard this one.)

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