Jenny's Favorites: April Edition

April was a whirlwind. Catching up on life at home, going to Malawi and then camping in Joshua Tree. Here are the things that got me through...

1. Naturally, when driving to camp at Joshua Tree, the only appropriate music to listen to is U2's The Joshua Tree album.

2. I was recently introduced to PF Candles. I got to visit their studio while in LA and got to spend some time with the owner and founder, Kristen who talks passionately about making sure her candles smell absolutely amazing. I highly recommend them all, but the Gardenia & Coconut and the Sweet Grapefruit are my favorites.

3. Have you had coffee brewed in a Chemex? This is the right way to make coffee.

4. Once the sun went down in Joshua Tree, Poler's Napsack was my uniform. I sat by the fire in it, I scurried to the bathroom in the dark in it and I slept in it. It is wonderful. I have the bright orange one, as does Hannah in season two of Girls.

5. I came home to a blossoming yard, full of lilacs and wisteria. I love Seattle in the spring when the sun comes out. It makes me want to sit still and enjoy it as long as I can.

6. After going a month without sugar, Mighty-O doughnuts have hit the spot.

7. I was given a Clark and Madison travel kit as a gift and I absolutely love it. It's beautifully classy and so very sturdy, I know it'll be going on many future adventures with me!

8. On our trip to Malawi, our bags ended up getting lost somewhere in Africa. Thankfully they made it back to us a day and a half later. While we were bag-less, I was able to buy surprisingly awesome underwear at Shoprite (a grocery store, I now own grocery store undies and I love them). Thankfully I had my favorite Trouvé pants with me. They came out of my carryon wrinkle free, are light and airy and super comfy. These are the most versatile pants I've ever own, I've worn them with heels to cocktail parties and now I've worn them with a borrowed t-shirt and Nikes in African villages. Note: Nordstrom no longer has the exact pattern that I have, so the link goes to the few designs they do have in stock currently.

9. This month I read Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, the third memoir Alexandra Fuller has written her childhood in Africa. If you haven't read her books before, I recommend starting with Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight.
I gave the Divergent Series a go, I thought they'd be a easy airplane read, I have to say, the first was OK and I felt like it just went downhill from there. Sorry if you love these books, they just weren't for me.
Girl at the End of the World: My Escape from Fundamentalism in Search of Faith with a Future is another memoir that I found super interesting.

10. Dr Bronner's Lavender Hand Sanitizer has been my trusty companion all month, from Malawi to camping. Instead of smelling like a hospital when you sanitize your hands, this smells lavender and is actually very calming. 


  1. You would have one of those napsacks!! Is it as amazing as it looks?

    1. Yes! The best part is that I won it in a gift exchange. Best gift exchange ever!