Back to Africa...

Jason and I are on our way to Malawi for the week. We left on Monday and don't get there until Wednesday, there never really are good direct ways to get from Seattle to Africa. This is our annual trip to do photography for Construction for Change, this year they are teaming up with Partners in Health to build a medical clinic that will service a large rural area.

See other posts I've written about our work with Construction for Change here. 

Photo: Zimbabwe, 2008, when we rode elephants on Jason's birthday. I feel like I look the same, but Jason looks so young here! 


  1. Awesome! Jason has such a baby face here :) I was so excited to hear about CfC partnering with PIH -- we are huge fans since TJ has been to Haiti and Paul Farmer's work down there is near and dear to him.

    1. Yes! PIH is awesome! Hopefully we will get to work with them again.