Baby Sleep Routines

Did you see this post yesterday on Cup of Jo about how her baby sleeps in the bathroom?? I LOVE it. If there's one thing I've learned since becoming a mom it's that flexibility is key. I am a big researcher/reader so before Mylo was born I read tons of books and websites and I still enjoy reading what the "experts" recommend for different situations. But in the end it's all about what works for your own family and children. Mylo has always been a decent sleeper but he still wakes up occasionally in the night for a feeding. When he was four months old our pediatrician told me that "an 18 lb baby doesn't need to feed during the night." Which I promptly ignored. :)

Also, since he was a tiny baby he has always loved to sleep with a blanket on his face! When he was small it made all of us really nervous because you are advised not to let them sleep with anything in the crib. In the end I let him sleep with his small "lovey" blanket and every nap and bedtime he puts it directly over his face and drifts off to sleep. How do your kids sleep? I'd love to hear more quirky stories.

PS. I read this article yesterday about a new theory on why babies wake up during the night -- to avoid having another sibling!

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  1. I just read that article on babies waking durring the night and was going to send it to you. Super interesting. Also, Mylo is so adorable sleeping with his blanket! I wonder if that's something he will do his whole life?