Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! The sun is shining in Seattle and my longgg work week is finally over. I'm excited to enjoy all the spring flowers blooming in the city and hopefully soak up some sunshine this weekend. We are also going car shopping since ours was stolen a month back. Any tips out there for getting a good deal??

Here are some links to kick off the weekend:

Is the "Seattle Freeze" a real thing? Also, 6 things Seattleites should stop talking about.

This made me smile.

Great tutorial on unique and fun Easter Egg decorating.

This apartment in my favorite European city is pretty dreamy.

DJ and Steve reunited!!

For the guys in your life, 10 free ways to improve your style.

CRAZY swimming pool.

Love this lady, genius idea to get through a marathon.

This clip is epic, be sure to watch until the end if you saw American Hustle.

Grammer nerds: awesome Ted video on the Oxford Comma and commentary on the dreaded double space.

(Image from article on how to customize bentwood chairs.)

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