The next adventure...

So, life is picking up again for us and the view from airplane windows is about to become all too familiar. We just got back from a lovely wedding in Mexico, and we've got a week to unpack, get lots of work done, cuddle with the cat and repack. Jason and I are headed off on tour with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis again. This time to places like Sydney, Manilla and Tokyo, a bit more exciting than Buffalo, NY in November.

I have to admit, I haven't posted about this yet, because I've been trying to enjoy my time at home- live in the moment, we've been gone so much this year, that being home is a treat and the thought of leaving again was a bit daunting. Now, after that taste of sunshine in Mexico only to come back to extremely wet and extremely gray Seattle, Australia sounds very appealing. 

So I'm a lady with a list. A long list. On a clipboard. Slowly crossing things off. Naturally, "buy new swimsuit" got checked off rather quickly while "finish 2013 accounting" will probably be the last one checked off. 

This time packing is proving a bit more difficult. Only one suitcase for a full month that covers two hemispheres. Instead of living on a bus, we'll be traveling by plane, almost every other day. It'll be summer in Australia and New Zealand, but only early spring by the time we reach Tokyo.

Updates to come along the way, along with a post or two about all of the great books I'm reading on airplanes (I have a growing list of suggestions, feel free to add to it if you've read anything good lately!)  along with lots of other fun things. 

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  1. Wow, sounds like quite an itinerary, you'll be one busy lady! Let me know if you need any recommendations for Tokyo (should you have time for sight seeing). It's an AMAZING city, I could easily spend a month there. Enjoy your tour, safe travels :)