Location, Location, Location!

 This past weekend, Jason and I headed up to Snoqualmie Falls with Tracy and Cuong for a post wedding portrait shoot aka "Trash the Dress". Some people are really hesitant when they hear the "trash" part of that. I promise, the goal of the shoot isn't to wreck your dress! 
The goal  of a post wedding shoot is to capture amazing photos that wouldn't have been possible on the wedding day. 

Apart from just wanting an excuse to get to wear your dress again, here are a few reasons you might not have considered to do a post wedding shoot: 
-Get photos in a special spot that wasn't logistically possible on your wedding day. 
-If you didn't love your hair/makeup, here's a second chance at it!
-If the weather didn't cooperate on your wedding day. 
-If you are really stressed out on your wedding day, a second shoot is a great way to get photos where you don't looked stressed! If you know ahead you'll probably be stressed out on the big day, plan to do a post shoot and lighten your load on the wedding day. 

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  1. AMAZING photos! Maybe I need to do a trash the dress shot now!