Surviving the Grammys, Part 1

So, we didn't win the Grammy for Best Music Video, but did I EVER in my life think that I'd be telling people that I lost an award to Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and director David Fincher*? Definitely not.

Enough about that, on to the fun stuff! Here are my random musings on the evening...

It was a LONG day. I was dressed and ready to go at 11:30 AM! Jason snapped this adorable one of Ben (aka Macklemore) taking a photo of his parents as we were all leaving the hotel.

When shopping for a dress you're  going to be sitting in for 5+ hours, definitely make sure it is comfortable to sit in. I LOVED my Halston Heritage dress, but it wasn't the best for sitting down in, oops. But, I will say I do love long dresses! I didn't have to shave my legs and wore wonderfully flat Stewart Weitzman sandals. Yay! Little victories people.  (via @jkoephoto)

It's really hard to pick a favorite performance- I LOVED Kendrick and Imagine Dragons, during Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr's performance felt like I was witness to an historic moment and Daft Punk was amazing too. Oh and I was beyond impressed with Pink's arial skills-way better than us!  

Rolling Stone published our very own Zoe Rain's photos of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis preparing for their performance.  Including the above shot of Jason showing Ben the final tour episode. 

Walking the red carpet was a surreal jumble of lights and cameras,  although the media doesn't care about you unless you're famous. We were part of the later crowd walking in, so we missed a lot of it but I still felt super special rubbing shoulders with Smokey Robinson and Kathy Griffin, watching Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift get interviewed,  chatting with Ed Sheeran, and being herded like cattle by event staff who's main job is to keep this giant cluster of celebrities and publicists moving along. I have to admit though, I was most starstruck by seeing Bob Saget! 

Zoe, who was backstage for part of the show got to see the comings and goings of performers. (@zoerainphoto)

I'll be back with more random tidbits tomorrow! 

*Incase you aren't a huge movie buff, David Fincher, who directed "Suit & Tie" is a pretty amazing director. He did Fight Club, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network and is currently working on Gone Girl- trust me, it was a HUGE honor to be nominated against him and unfortunately, someone who's hard to beat based on name recognition...

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