Ferry Tale Wedding

Last weekend Jenny and I attended our friend Shannon's wedding to her guy Peter in one of the most unique wedding venue's I've ever experienced -- on the deck of a Washington State Ferry! All 200 guests walked on to the ferry at 5:35 and the wedding began a few minutes later -- the bridal party and bride walked down the "aisle" in between ferry seats and by the time we reached Bremerton the adorable couple kissed and were pronounced husband and wife! We spent the next few hours partying on the water in Bremerton and then caught the 60 minute ferry back to Seattle. Kudos to Shannon and Peter for doing something different, loved the fresh, fun and laid back vibe of their special day. (Thanks for the pics Ash!)
Jenny and I waiting for the ceremony to start

The beautiful bride and groom

Their signature cocktail - the Moscow Mule! Need to get me some of these copper glasses. 


  1. You have no idea how jealous I was when you two and Brittany were posting photos on Instagram!

  2. How fun!! I've never heard of something like this before - I love it!