This is how I look getting ready in the morning too. HAHA. Giselle posted this glamorous shot of her "multitasking" on her Instagram yesterday. What a life! She did give a nice shout out to her team though and acknowledged it takes a village to have her looking so glam all the time with a newborn. 

I am not excelling at multitasking myself these days. I was looking through the blog and last year Jenny and I had done tons of Christmas posts all throughout December. This year I'm just trying to keep my head above water! I have yet to buy a single Christmas present, haven't started our Christmas cards, and desperately need a haircut. At least we got the tree up! Oh well, I'm enjoying my new nephew, having my brother and Jenny back in town, and listening to Christmas music every chance I get. 


  1. Do what you got to do! No judging. I saw this photo somewhere else too and was struck by all the hate comments towards Gisele for posting this -- I think the caption was "Real Moms strike back." Which is funny in itself -- is Gisele a fake mom? :)

  2. I wish I had someone to pamper me while I breastfed!