Myles: Four Months Old!

Guess who turned four months old? My child! I can't believe he is the same baby as this tiny skinny-mini. He is around the 90th percentile for height and weight now, big boy! Four months is my absolute favorite age so far. As our pediatrician said, "Four month old's are like crack." Pretty much. We spend most of our time sitting around acting ridiculous so we can see him smile and listen to his hilarious laugh. Here are a few of my favorite things about his emerging personality:

- He loves to eat (obviously) -- we are excited to give him solid foods in a few months
- He has never liked to be constricted so he is thrilled that he can now push himself up, stand and bounce in his saucer, and hold himself perfectly straight on our laps.
- He thinks his dad is the most hilarious person on earth. Pretty much everything he does cracks Mylo up. 
- He has started babbling and "singing" a lot during the day and in his crib when he is trying to go to sleep. We of course think he's very advanced. ;)
- He is not much of a cuddler but loves to have his soft blankies right on his face when he is going to sleep. He loves cozy things just like his mama. 
- He adores spending time with his Grammy and Mimi (my mom and MIL) while I'm working -- he has a huge smile in the morning when he comes out and sees they are at our house.

Rafa wanted to get in on the fun, I found him sleeping in my photo shoot after I'd put Myles down for a nap.


  1. Isn't time flying by?! Hopefully we can get our little ones to meet soon :)

  2. Sorry Mylo, I love you and you're adorable, but I'm dying laughing at the photo of Rafa.