Golden Hour

Any good photographer will tell you that golden hour, the hour around sunset, is hands down THE BEST time of day to be shooting. Here are a few reasons, and a few photos to show you why you might want to consider taking just 10 minutes out of your reception to snap some more photos.

1. Amazing Photos...before, and even right after the sun has set, you'll get the most dramatic, warm, defused light of the day and great color in the sky. 

2. Time alone...typically sunset happens at a point during the reception where it's easy for you two to sneak out for a moment. At this point in the day, most couples have been surrounded by friends and family for hours and are ready to have a few minutes to themselves.

3. A different look...if you're changing your dress, hair or jewelry for the reception, this is a great chance to capture that. Or, even if you look the same, the light alone is enough to give these photos a different look than the rest of your photos, giving your wedding photos more depth and variety. 

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