Amazing Mascara: Trish McEvoy

My sister recently turned me on to this AMAZING "lash curling" mascara from Trish McEvoy. I am a huge fan of tubing mascaras because they come off so easily and don't leave residue all over my face. I've tried several brands that I've liked but this one absolutely takes the cake. My eyelashes look awesome, it's water resistant and does not flake off onto my face, and, best of all, when I splash warm water on my face at the end of the day it comes off in huge chunks in just a few seconds. I should actually make a little video it's so interesting to me the way that it comes off. Annnnyway, if you like tubing mascara this is a must try.


  1. I just had to look up what tubing mascara was, but am definitely going to check this brand out -- thanks for the rec. I am currently using tarte after hopping around brands -- so far I am loving my tarte mascara, but definitely am not brand loyal :)

    1. I'm using Tarte too! If you want easy though, tubing mascara is definitely the way to go. It makes washing your face super easy.