This is a post about socks. Because I have a lot of random ones.
A few years ago, Jason and I went to visit my sister Stephanie, who is a teacher in Korea. We quickly discovered that crazy socks were all the rage.

My sister explained to us, that schools in Korea are super strict about uniforms, but it's not just the clothes. Girls can't wear makeup, and even hair must be within certain lengths. So basically, the crazy sock trend grew out of the youth culture's need to find ways to express their individuality. In the U.S., you'd find a kid wearing a t-shirt with their favorite band on it, in Korea, their music preference is on their feet.

Jason and I picked up a ton while we were there with Batman, Starbucks logos, Mario, Obama, etc. Most recently, my sister sent me an awesome Gangnam Style pair. 


  1. Those socks are super cute :D That's interesting about Korea; I didn't know that.

  2. This makes socks and sandals a popular combination! Gotta show off those socks! I love this post! I just bought some socks last weekend :)