My Spot

This post on blog ideas inspired me to share with you all where I usually blog from...

Even though coffee shops are a frequent blogging spot and sometimes it's 3 am from an studio, while others around me are feverishly working on projects, and  then other times I'm in a hotel room on the other side of the world, when I'm home, my favorite place to blog is from my chaise lounge in the living room. Its perfect, complete with tea and cats. This time of year I love that I can look out and see the ripening Asian pears on the trees in our yard. 

In-between now and the next few adventures, Jason and I (hopefully) will have a quiet couple of weeks, catching up on work, maybe getting to have dinner with a friend or two and cleaning up from the tornado of crazy-business that has attacked our house multiple times over. I'm looking forward to getting to sit in my spot and breathe. 

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