Life at Home

We've been home from the hospital just over a week now and it feels like we are all finally starting to settle into a rhythm of sorts. For now everything revolves around our little guy and his cries dictate how our days take shape. He nurses every 2-4 hours and is either sleeping, crying or staring at whoever is holding him the rest of the time. A few people have commented on how alert he is for a newborn, he loves to observe and we often find ourselves wondering aloud what is going on in his tiny brain. 

As you can see from the photo above, Myles loves his dad so much. When we were in the hospital I was more or less bedridden for several days and Patrick had to take care of his every need with the exception of nursing. He changed all of his diapers, helped give him his first bath and recorded every move he made for the nurses. Also, when Mylo was born I was still under anesthesia so Patrick was the first one to hold him and sit with him skin-to-skin. The two of them hit it off right from the beginning. 
I know you all must be wondering how our kitty Rafa is doing will all of the change?! ;) He is taking it all in like the sweet cat that he is. We followed some advice online to send home a blanket that smelled like the new baby from the hospital before we arrived home so that he could start getting used to the new scent. I think it worked well. The first night Rafa came and sniffed Mylo and then settled down at the end of the bed. But by the second night he snuggled right onto my lap at 3:30am (see photo below)! He is the best.  
Thanks for indulging all of my Mylo updates this week! I'll be back to regular posting next week, with more photos and stories thrown in here and there of course.

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  1. So sweet, glad your cat is embracing the newest addition too :)