Wedding Workout for Slackers

Here are three simple tips for brides and bridesmaids wanting to look great at weddings this summer without much work. 

1. Work on your posture. When you stand up straight, it does wonders for how you look in a photo. Good posture makes you appear more confident, defines your jaw line, and sucks in your tummy. Even the skinniest person looks like they have a pooch when they slouch. I know my posture is WAY better when I'm doing yoga, so that's what I suggest, but even consciously attempting to sit and stand up straight in the weeks leading up to your wedding can make a difference. 

2. Tone your arms. If you're going to work on muscle tone at all, focus on your arms and back. Most wedding dresses cover the rest of your body, so no one will know how flat your abs are! 

3. Make sure your dress fits. This one doesn't involve running for miles or living on kale smoothies! Just a recommendation that you make sure you choose a style of dress that makes you look best AND that you have it professionally fitted to you. Do your last fitting as close to the wedding as possible so it fits you like a glove on your wedding day. Regardless of what size you are, that's what will make you look best AND feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day. 


  1. Posture really does make all the difference in the world! I grew up in dance and theatre, so good posture has been ingrained in my. It kills me to see people slouching!

  2. I had to get my dress altered FOUR times to make it fit right but I'm so, so glad I did. It was one of my favorite parts of my wedding.