Train Travel

Sunset over the Karoo
Have you ever traveled by train? I think it's one of the most relaxing and scenic ways to get around when exploring a new country or region. One of my favorite train rides was when Patrick and I traveled from Johannesburg to Cape Town on a 24 hour overnight sleeper train. We forgot to get cash before we got on board and they didn't take credit cards so we rummaged through all our pockets and came up with enough money for two toasted cheese sandwiches, a few cans of Castle beer, and one set of bedding that we split. It was during the warm season so we slept with the windows open all night as we traveled through the Karoo Desert. When we woke up we were meandering through the vineyards surrounding Cape Town, talk about picture postcard. 

At 33 weeks pregnant I'm obviously tied to Seattle at this point but I can't help dreaming about future train journeys. Here are a few I'd love to experience:

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, India --
8 hour epic train trip through the Himalayans. 

Royal Canadian Pacific - Thought of as the best train ride in North America, the train travels through the Rockies of British Columbia and Alberta. 

The Ghan, Australia -- This train travels across Australia and all of the variety of scenery that the country has to offer, an epic ride. 

Hiram Bingham Train, Peru -- This luxury train travels across Peru and to Machu Pichu.

Venice Simplon Orient Express -- This art deco luxury train travels from London to Venice or Venice to Stockholm and looks like a dream.


  1. Ah 33 weeks pregnant! I can't imagine traveling then either. I am at 22 weeks and I have a trip to Germany planned. I heard about maternity medical travel insurance which I may take just to reduce some of the worry. It looks like you had an amazing time, I've heard wonderful thins about South Africa and your pictures definitely compliment them.

  2. Wow, Royal Canadian Pacific! How fancy. Thank you for sharing. I just bought my tickets to travel to Seattle by train. Although my ride won't be as luxurious.