Throwback Thursdays

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed I'm a big fan of Throwback Thursdays (#tbt). I was a HUGE dork growing up, and well, lets be honest, I still am. Anyway, this is me!
Please note that I have on some sort of matching sweatsuit. 
Also, the pony's name was Candy, I rode her for 20 minutes when I was 5, yet I still remember that.

First day of kindergarten, I thought I was soooooo cool, even though I required a tag to insure I didn't get lost en route. And I have a mullet. 

 This is what pirates look like. Really. 

Before the glasses! My mom bought this lady a goose (who knows why!) but I really wanted to keep it. 
PS. Where does one even procure a porcelain goose? 

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