Spring Cleaning Part 2, An Update

OK, I love a clean house, but I seem to have no choice but to agree with this mantra right now! I didn't think it was actually possible, but in the time since I wrote this post on how I was TOTALLY going to do some spring cleaning this year, my house has actually managed to get messier. Really, you have to step over things when you walk in the door. Yikes.

It's been an absolutely insane year thus far. We've traveled to 6 different countries, multiple states, and turned out a wide variety of work, it's no wonder my house looks like nomads live here.

 So, as much as I'd like to just complain about how my house is a disaster area and I'm completely overwhelmed, here are the few good things I've done/will do this week.

1. I've limited myself to purchases that are storage/organization related, including some awesome baskets in Tanzania.
2. My donation pile is ever growing and I'm planning on dropping it off here this week.
3. I no longer have a wolf head living in my guest room.
4. A reason to clean! I'm hosting family for Mother's Day so I'm planning on having everything look great by then. Deadlines are the only way I'm motivated. 

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