What Kind of Parent Will I Be?

Jameson Patrick

So much of the focus of preparing for a baby is on logistical matters, and being a practical person myself I tend to grasp onto those tasks and objectives. But every now and then I force myself to step back from the registry, nursery planning, and labor/delivery books to think about what is actually important: What kind of parents do Patrick and I want to be? What do we want to teach our baby? How will we model love for him? How will we fuel our relationship with each other with a new baby in the house? 

I’d like to do a little series prepping for baby that is less about the tangible and physical aspects of becoming a parent and more about the ideas, feelings and actions that come with becoming a parent. What do you think? 

This article is an interesting place to get started -- it's called That Baby Wants to Break You Up and it's a realistic look at how one couple's marriage changed drastically when their baby was born. Definitely food for thought since we're less than 12 weeks away.

(image by Jameson Patrick)

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  1. You'll be the best parents ever. That I know for sure.