Friday Roundup

Well, it's been a crazy week in so many different ways. Happy in my own life, but scary and sad in the grand scheme of things. Living in a world where we can't ever escape negative headlines in the news is one of the reasons Teresa and I love doing roundups every week, to highlight the things in the world filled with joy, beauty, hope, humor and novelty. 

Jason and I will be on a plane to Ethiopia on Sunday. That part hasn't really set in yet...Needless to say, my weekend will be spent packing and frantically finishing some work projects while intermittently checking the YouTube view count of a certain video. (almost 1.5 million views in the first 24 hours felt pretty good!)

Enough about me, here are some fun and happy things to end the week with, some beauty and joy in the midst of crazy. 

Loved this happy story from the Boston Marathon and then found out I've actually met the guy through Young Life! It's a small world for sure. 

Dear Bee Sting Cake, I want to try you because: 1. Your name is awesome and 2. You have a honey almond topping. 

I'd never heard of an acrostic ring and now I want one. How wonderfully sentimental! (via The Hairpin)

Tuck Everlasting style. Perfect for dreaming about warmer weather. 

GREAT article from Salon in response to the Dove Campaign that is everywhere right now. Just a reminder that true beauty comes from within. 

Did you know that yesterday was National High Five Day? Here are some awesome gifs to celebrate. 

Iron Curtain Press featured in Uppercase

Dress up your screen with this beautiful woven background. 

After multiple failed attempts at knitting and crocheting, I'm thinking of trying out embroidery

This Victoria city guide has me wanting to jump on a boat and head to Canada! 

The story of a highly motivated family. 6 kids in collage by age 12. Wow. 

And finally...


  1. I really loved the intro to this roundup, it is so nice to read carefree and positive things here. Thanks for keeping such a positive place :). Also, speaking of Iron Curtain Press, I've been hooked on a little boutique here in Mississippi and they sell Iron Curtain Press cards!! Nice touch of the west in a small southern town. Have a fantastic time in Africa!!

  2. I saw that beesting cake too, looks delicious!