The Baby Registry Conundrum

furry baby

I've started to contemplate the task of registering for baby boy but I have to admit it's a bit overwhelming. As you can imagine, I love to do research for this type of thing, whether that be reading up on other bloggers suggestions for registry or pursuing pregnancy message boards for tips. Unfortunately,  in this case, I'm not sure how much help it has been to me. The more I read, the more options and opinions there seems to be!

There are so many questions that come up once the research begins: Which type of wrap is best? Is a travel system better for us verses a running/all-terrain stroller. Are glass bottles really mores safe than plastic? What type of swaddlers are best for baby? Not to mention cloth diapering vs. biodegradable diapers! Yes, I know I'm probably over thinking things, that's normal right? :)

I'd love to hear any advice all you mom's out there would have-- are there essentials items that you loved on your registry? Things you wish you would have registered for but didn't? What lists were helpful to you?

I know people say "don't worry, all you need is a boob and diapers!" but really I need to create a registry eventually so I'd love your help!

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  1. Good luck with all of that... geez. At the end of the day you will be a fantastic parent and baby boy Hillis will grow into a wonderful adult just like you. Once you decide, don't rethink, just be peaceful.

  2. It can be so overwhelming! I think with most items it just comes down to preference. I have even changed what I like between different kids! Remember you can always get more stuff later...personally I recommend a travel system to start with. I have three strollers now and I have used all of them a lot. I also recommend taking a cloth diapering class if you can find one. There are so many options, it definitely helped me to handle the materials and ask a lot of questions. Contact me if you want to know more ;)

  3. I obviously don't have my own children, but I do have one helpful hint for you. There is a website called that allows close friends and families to sign up for meals/times to drop off food for you in the first few weeks with a baby. I know I will definitely be using it when the time comes for a new addition. : )

    Also, Evan's older sister is pregnant and we went shopping at Babies R Us over the weekend -- there aren't a lot of options for creative or fun prints in most of the products. Just an FYI. : )
    Congratulations, by the way. You will be a great mama.

  4. You've probably got this all sorted out, but I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and after a year here's my two cents: I didn't do a travel system and was fine. We always carried Romy in either the Moby wrap or Ergo carrier until she was big enough for a stroller (we have an nice umbrella-ish one by Aprica and a fancy one with air-filled tires we got on craigslist). A Moby's nice, but only for the first 4-ish months until they get a little big for it. I love the Ergo, but my sister-in-law just got a Boba which is very similar but you don't need an extra infant insert- which makes it so hot in summer! I didn't do glass bottles because I was afraid of breaking them- I'm such a klutz! We love cloth diapers. We have about 10 "all-in-one's" but we mostly use the Flip and Econobum system. Good luck! Can't wait to see your little guy!

    1. Thanks McCall! Definitely considering switching out the Ergo for a Boba or something cooler since he's due mid-July. Your daughter is adorable!

    2. Thank you- we think she's pretty great! Enjoy the "home stretch" of your pregnancy- it's hard to wait but it's so special to cherish the anticipation and time with your husband!