Growing up, my sister and I weren't really close. We got along some of the time, but not all of the time. We bonded over the common interests of Full House and American Girl dolls and fought about pretty much everything else, like who got to pretend to be which character from Ghostwriter  and both wanting the same pair of Doc Martens. We were sisters, we were forced to love each other because we were family.

Somehow, at some point, all of that changed. We became friends. And now, ironically, right when I wish she lived in the room next to mine and we could play together all the time, she happens to live on the other side of the world, in Korea, where the time difference makes it hard to even find time to Skype. Its funny how life works.

 I'm discovering that the majority of my friends with sisters feel the same way. Right when you're ready to be friends, they aren't there anymore. I miss my sister! Especially right now since her birthday was this weekend and I wasn't there to celebrate with her.

Happy Birthday Sister!

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  1. Steph will be home in three months for six weeks and won't want to hang around home with Rb and Via! Love how you two share so many fun interests. Funny memory for me is you two driving to GHHS, you drying your hair in the car and Steph with her head out the window because it was too hot for her.