Cheese of the Moment...

Have you ever had burrata? It's my current favorite cheese.

How much do I love it, you ask? As I'm starting this post, it's currently midnight. I've been up since 5 AM. I'm writing this from a Hollywood Hills hotel room and just thinking about burrata is making me want to jump out of bed and wander Los Feliz in my pajamas in search of it.

Burrata started out as a poor man's mozzarella. It's actually made from a mixture of scraps of cheese left over in the mozzarella making process mixed with cream then wrapped in a layer of mozzarella to hold it all together.  I first experienced it while in New York as a topping on one of the best pizzas of my life at  Forcella and keep noticing it ever since.  Recently I discovered that you can pick it up at a grocery store with a large cheese section.

PS. Teresa and I have enjoyed burratta for lunch at  Rione XIII in Seattle.

PPS. Cheese is probably hands down, my favorite food and it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't really posted about it. Forgive me for hiding this very important aspect of my life. I promise THERE WILL BE MORE CHEESY POSTS TO COME! (Did I mention, I'm running on no sleep? That pun is funny when you're lacking proper sleep.)

(Image via Fine Cooking)


  1. My mouth is watering.....yummmmm.

  2. Best pizza of your life! I thought you made the best pizza, Jen. Gotta look for burrata.

  3. I am equally obsessed with Burrata! On your next trip to NYC, make sure you pick some from Eataly! It's insane. xo