Are You Watching The Bachelor?

Ok, so I'm a little ashamed to admit this but I've become a bit of a Bachelor fan. We all have our guilty pleasures! Are you watching this season?? I like Sean more than I thought I would based on Emily's season. And Tierra is providing so much entertaining TV!

Who are you routing for? I like Lindsay and Leslie but of course am rooting for Seattleite Catherine!

PS. Have you seen ABC's Bachelor Tumblr page? Endless entertainment. :)


  1. I've never in my life followed either one of these shows, and my husband and I have become hooked this season, as we were flipping through channels and stumbled upon the train wreck known as Tierra. It's a bit embarrassing but we look forward to it every week...oh, and we're totally rooting for Catherine!

  2. After Emily and One F broke up I gave up The Bachelor FOREVER (for maybe the 3rd of 4th time) but the funny thing is, I ended up watching a few episodes this season. Why you ask? Because my husband made me! No joke, a group of his friends watch it and he always wants me to come!