Tea Time!

When I worked in Dublin I used to love the tradition of "tea break" at the office in the morning or afternoon. Those who could pull away from their work would all gather up over a pot of hot tea for 10-15 minutes and just chat and relax. Did you know that Ireland drinks more tea per capita than any other country in the world? Irish black tea with milk is one of my favorite things ever, so addicting.

Now that I'm back in the States I still love to drink tea all day long at work. It's a tasty,  low/no calorie way to keep hydrated and warm in these awful winter months. My friend Mia recently gifted me with a wonderful Teavana teapot contraption that is too fun not to share! I've been walking around the office showing it to everyone and giving out taste tests of the fabulous tea it whips up. The loose-leaf tea brews in the top and then when you set it on a mug the tea is filtered through the bottom into the cup. I love it.

My friend Brittany also loves to drink tea all day at work, so much so that she has a tea mug warmer on her desk! Check out her cute cat mug too.

PS. Seattle folks, I think they just opened a Teavana store in U-Village, might be worth checking out if you're a tea lover!

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  1. My electric mug warmer is seriously the best thing ever! I usually drink my tea (or coffee) slowly over several hours so it saves me from running to the microwave for a reheat every half hour.