Holiday Traditions With Friends: Little Women

Last week, I wrote about family Christmas traditions, but do you have any annual holiday traditions with friends?

For nearly 10 years Jenny and I have gathered with some college friends, family and whoever else is around to snuggle up and watch the best "holiday" movie ever: Little Women. I cannot get enough of this movie so I only allow myself to watch it once a year at Christmas (or if I'm really depressed once in the summer too) and it's always a fun treat to spend a couple of hours with Jo, Laurie and the gang. This year Jenny, Brittany, my mom and I gathered on a Monday night in front of the Christmas tree and a blazing fire to eat macarons, watch the March family, and make clove oranges.

Jenny came up with the fun idea of making designs on oranges with cloves! The whole house smelled AMAZING and we had a cute display afterward. Plus it felt very late 1800's New England of us. 

How do you and your friends celebrate the holidays?

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  1. I guess I have the same tradition and didn't know! I watch LW every christmas (multiple times though) and until now have not considered it a "tradition". I haven't had my fix yet this year and am excited to hype it up a little as it is now officially a tradition for me!