Wedding Wednesday: Winter Wedding Roundup

The weather is getting cooler and that only means it's time for some winter weddings.

In the past few years, I feel like truly unique winter weddings have really come into their own with ideas tailored specifically for the season, distinguishing them from their summer counterparts by more than the chill in the air. 

If you're contemplating a winter wedding
there are a few advantages you should keep in mind...

-Usually, you can plan in fewer months because of the lower demand for venues and vendors.

-Often venues offer discounted rates in their off season. 

-Take a three-day weekend. We've loved shooting mini-destination ski vacation weddings, on MLK or President's weekends. It's a great way to extend the celebration beyond one day and get out of town with your friends and family. 
If you're having friends and family fly in, tickets are usually cheaper than summer months. 

These are a few of my favorite things when it comes to winter weddings. 

Indoor s'more bar for guests

"Snowed In" themed winter wedding.  They have HANGING MARSHMALLOWS!* 

A few years back we shot a wedding in Alaska where the bride & groom went sledding after the ceremony then they left their reception on a snowmobile

Good things for winter weddings from Martha herself. Love the eggnog cocktail idea. 

Photo above, JKoe Photography. The weather on this day was all over the place, going from rain to sun to crazy rain/hail/sleet and started snowing at the reception so we ran outside to capture this awesome shot. 

*side note...I might need to make my own marshmallow mobile and incorporate it into my Christmas decor...more to come on this.


  1. If my friend gets engaged she said she would love a winter wedding in the Alps ... I sure hope she will be able to convince her hopefully soon to be Fiance !

    Love Chrissi xo

  2. We got married during MLK weekend (in January) almost seven years ago and I am so glad we did! It was definitely easier to book venues and vendors and, the best part in my opinion, we now have a three day weekend to celebrate our anniversary every year!

    1. SUCH a good point. I totally forgot about anniversary trips. Thanks for commenting!

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