Holiday Planning Tool: Doodle

This week we are excited to feature a few posts about hosting and attending holiday parties...'tis the season! Yesterday we got started with the planning for our annual college roommate holiday slumber party reunion, which Jenny has hosted every year since we graduated college. As we were looking to schedule the party, she suggested that we use Doodle to get a consensus on the best date. Have you used it before? I had thought of it as a great work tool for scheduling meetings but around the holidays it's great for coordinating get togethers as well! All you do is enter the potential dates and times of your meeting or gathering and then send the link to everyone you want to invite so they can list their availability. It's simple, clean and super easy.

(White Christmas image)


  1. It has never occurred to me to use Doodle for social reasons...brilliant! Also, I wanted to let you all know I heard Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on one of my Sirius stations, definitely obsessed with the song "Thrift Shop!"

  2. I love Doodle, my friends and I use this all the time to coordinate group events; book club, Christmas parties, the works!

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