Halloween Costumes

I've been scouring the internet investigating the cutest Halloween outfit for my nearly six month old niece and came across the most (inadvertently?) hilarious costumes!

"Sexy" Spins for the Ladies:

Sexy Raccoon: this cracks me up! Is it just me or are raccoons scary and rodent-like, not sexy getup?

Sexy Gnome Costume: Again...are gnomes sexy?? This one is cheeky though.

Sexy "Rosie the Maid" Costume...wasn't Rosie a plump middle-aged robot housekeeper on the Jetsons? Awesome purse.

Hilarious "Little Artists" Costume Ideas from Oh Happy Day
How adorable are these kids? 

And possibly the cutest costume EVER:

Where's Waldo Dog!


  1. I think you should get the sexy raccoon. For sure.

  2. I love the Rosie the Robot!
    Question for you - who did your blog design? I'm looking for someone to help me jazz up my header.