"Discovering" Wonderful Foods

Happy day after Columbus Day!

Yesterday afternoon, quite possibly due to lack of sleep, I found myself pondering Columbus and his "discovery" of America, a land that had been inhabited by people for centuries and oh ya, the Vikings had already made it here too.

Columbus got me thinking about all the things I've "discovered" (which, if we're going by Columbus' definition, seems to mean that you were the first of all of your friends to find something).  While none of these things are quite as big as America, here are a few of my favorite "discoveries." I've decided to keep this food related, since Columbus was searching for a new spice route after all.

Beechers Flagship The best cheese in the world. I promise. It's good on EVERYTHING. The day I discovered this cheese is sold in bulk at Costco was glorious and deserving of it's own holiday.

Jaques Torres' chocolate chip cookie recipe This was featured in the New York Times few years back. Yes, I "discovered" this one by being smart and reading a newspaper.

Fisher's Fair Scone Mix  If you've been to a fair in Washington, you know how amazing these are. I was thrilled to find that a mix is available in grocery stores so I can eat them year round!

The Cravings Place Brownie Mix I "discovered" this one by having dinner at a friend's house. These brownies are really good and also vegan (therefore dairy free) and gluten free! The perfect thing to serve when you have friends with dietary constraints. The best part, your friends who are used to normal brownies won't even guess that these are different.

The Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook The lasagna in here is one of my go to recipes, something that is super easy but get tons of complements. Everything else I've made has been wonderful as well. This book also makes a GREAT gift for wedding showers.


  1. I agree that we should have a Giant Quantities of Beechers day. And on that day we would make Beechers mac and cheese and Beechers martinis :). Also, LOVE the bride and groom cookbook. I made the lasagna for a work event recently and everyone loved it.