Wedding Wednesday: Thoughts on Picking a Photographer...

Last week I covered the most important questions to ask potential photographers. But really, there are a whole lot more questions to keep in mind when choosing the photographer that is right for you. So this week, we're gonna back up a few steps to the very beginning of the process.

So you're newly engaged and just beginning the process? Here's where to start:

1. Look at LOTS of photos. Explore what style of photography you like best. Every photographer offers something different, figure out what you love. Your own Pinterest pages are a good place to start. What's caught your eye in the past enough for you to pin it? Maybe click through the links on a couple of the photos that you love and see if you like the photographer's style in all of their shots. Also, Facebook stalk your friends who've gotten married recently, who has great photos?

2. REALLY look at the photos. So you think their photos are amazing? Look at the people in the photos, do you like what they look like? Ask yourself, "If this was me, would I like this photo?" Some photographers do amazing work, but they concentrate more on making sure the background is amazing or they use gimmicky lenses or editing techniques. For your wedding photos, you are the focus. Make sure you're working with someone who will make you look awesome in every shot.

3. Look at MORE photos. Once you've found a few photographers that you really like and think you might want to meet with, I'd suggest spending time on their website, Facebook pages, blog, etc. Look for consistency in the quality and variety in the shots. Look at full weddings, and more than one. Look for a wedding that's similar to what you are planning (indoor, outdoor, etc.) and see if you like how they shot it.

I could go on and on. After 10 years of shooting weddings with Jason, I have lots of opinions! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below! And I'll be back again next week with tips on meeting with potential photographers.


  1. I am just recentlt engaged! This is really great advice. Photography in my opinion is one of the most important things!! Thank you :)

  2. Siiiiiigh. Photographers are SO EXPENSIVE. And you can't skimp because it's your MEMORIES!!!
    Come be my photographer ;)

  3. haha - glad to know I did this part of planning right, or at least kind of right! I was choosing between three photographers when it came down to it and, to be honest, I judged the photographers by the aesthetic of the weddings they photographed as much as by the photographs themselves. I know that isn't fair at all, but one of the photographers (who is incredibly talented and was highly recommended) seemed to only shoot hipster weddings - you know, with lots of burlap and mason jars and striped straws. I know that she didn't style the wedding, but her photography complemented that vision, and it's not the vision we want. We ended up going with a photographer who worked lots of beautifully classic but relaxed weddings because that's the feel we want and we know she'll help us get there!

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