Seattle Sailing Adventure

I've been working to check items off my summer bucket list and one of them recently came to fruition when my dad and I took a weekend-long sailing class through the Seattle Sailing Club. Our instructor Steve (below right) was fabulous and we had a great time learning all the lingo and getting the hang of using the wind to power the boat. And we are now certified to crew a boat through the American Sailing Association! If we take Sailing 103 we'll be able to skipper a boat under 27 feet and 104 will enable us to skipper boats under 50 feet (eek!).
I've been trying to make effort lately to do things that are very "Seattle-ish" and embrace living in this area. It hasn't been the easiest transition for me moving back from living on the east coast and then abroad and instead of fighting living in the Northwest I'm trying to really get into things that the area is known for, like hiking, going out to the Islands, being in nature, listening to local music, etc. Any suggestions for me?

Helms A'lee!!


  1. So jealous. I moved away from the Seattle/BI area 6 years ago to finish school (met a boy of course) and am still away in a not as cool place. Being away made me like a tourist in my own town every time I come home, which I absolutely LOVE.

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