Monday Motivation

This Monday Motivation comes with a little story...

This week 10 years ago, I was about to start my freshman year at the University of Washington and was moving into a house a few blocks north of campus. I was nervously unpacking, slowly meeting new roommates and desperately hoping they would like me and not think all of my things were stupid. I wanted to hang a photo that Jason had taken and framed for me of my favorite place in the world, but I didn't have a nail. I ended up borrowing a nail from another freshman moving into the next room. She walked in and saw my photo and immediately recognized the place, (Malibu, the Young Life camp in British Columbia, pictured above) and exclaimed that it was her favorite place too.

And that is the story of how Teresa and I met and immediately realized we were kindred spirits. 

Welcome to the beginning of the celebration of our 10 year "friendiversary"!

I encourage you to go hug a friend today and tell them how much their friendship means to you. 


  1. That is such a sweet friend story. And p.s. How could Malibu NOT be a most favorite place (or at least a top favorite)? I am dying to go back one of these years.