Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Sparklers vs. Not Wedding Sparklers

Did you know that wedding sparklers and Fourth of July sparklers are two very different things? Wedding sparklers last longer and hardly smoke or throw sparks. Trust me, the last thing you want to worry about at the end of your reception is smoke inhalation and burning holes in your dress as you're running through a line of friends and family waving fire at you. 

One time, we were shooting an exit and just as the bride and groom pulled away, all of the sprinklers inside of the venue went on! The smoke from the sparklers had wafted back into the building and tripped the fire alarm! 

Anyway, wedding sparklers are definitely going to be little bit more expensive than Fourth of July sparklers, especially if your were planning on hitting up firework stands on July 5th. But seriously worth it because you can get cool shots like this one. Notice there isn't any smoke in the shot!

Here are the sparklers used in the photo above. 


  1. It's Tuesday. I had no idea there were two kinds of sparklers.

  2. Love these unique ideas that look absolutely scrumptious as well! sparklers for weddings.