The Perfect Game

So I lucked out big when one of the two Mariners games I happened to make it to this season was yesterday when Felix Hernandez pitched a perfect game. If you're not a baseball fan, a perfect game is when there aren't any hits, walks or errors and none of the batters on a side make it to first base. In the history of major league baseball, this has only happened 23 times so it's kind of a big deal.

Jason's brother Jeremy, his wife, Stephanie, and their five month old, Gracie, were visiting and it was Gracie's first game! Jason and Jeremy are HUGE baseball fans and grew up stalking baseball players for autographs so naturally they were beyond thrilled to see this. Seriously, I kind of thought one of them might have peed their pants when it happened. Instead, Jason took lots of photos on his iPhone and Jeremy called their dad.

Afterwards, Jason snapped that creepily awesome photo of Gracie peeping out from behind a Felix Hernandez cutout above.

If you want to see how big of a Mariners fan Jason is, here's a music video that Jason directed last year. It's basically his childhood in song. It wasn't hard to find props for this shoot, Jason already owned all of the memorabilia that you see and more. My basement is full of baseball bats.


  1. You were there?! Lucky girl! Bet it was a blast!

    1. It'll definitely be a really good memory and story that I'm sure will get told for years to come in the crazy baseball loving family I married into!

  2. You really captured the excitement of the game, Jen, as felt by Jason and Jeremy! Great writing and pictures.