New York Getaway

So...funny story. A week ago Jason and I booked a commercial shoot for this week in Brooklyn and then two days before we were supposed to fly out, we were told that the shoot was off (something to do with permits and zoning...). But the company had already bought our plane tickets so we decided to use them anyway for a little getaway! So here we are for a few days in New York, wandering the city with our friends Johnny and Jill. 
Honestly, I think it turned out better this way. We've been working so much lately spending a few days together not on a shoot was exactly what we needed. Although Jason still did manage to take over 900 pictures on his iPhone today...
So a couple of these last ones might need a little explanation. 1. Subway, self explanatory. 2. Me trying on a hat (which I bought) and making a scared face for no reason. 3. Johnny & Jill. 4. CREEPER! No actually, this wasn't a real person, but a painting in a window. Still creepy though.

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