Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Trivia

My sister hosted a bridal shower at my house last weekend and ended up making a true/false game of historical wedding trivia for the guest to play.

Can you guess which ones are true?

Something borrowed - transfers happiness to the bride when borrowed from a happily married woman.
Romans broke a thin loaf over the bride's head at the end of the ceremony as a symbol of abundance. The wedding guests ate the crumbs, as they were believed to be good luck.

The rings are placed on the 4th finger of the left hand, as the early Egyptians believed this finger contained the vein that led to the heart.

In early Northern Europe, newly married couples drank a fermented honey drink, known as metheglen for thirty days or until the moon waned. This time became known as the honeymoon.

In ancient times when the bride was captured, the groom hid his bride to prevent her angry relatives from finding her. From this came the concept of the honeymoon trip.

Anglo-Saxon brides wore their hair hanging loose while Jewish brides shaved their heads.

Roses are considered the "love blossoms" and became very popular during the Victorian era.

The throwing of rice originated in the Orient as a symbol of good luck, fertility and prosperity and evolved into the colored, paper confetti we know today.

Sometimes old shoes were thrown at the newly weds as they left the church and in Tudor times, people would throw old shoes over the Royal bridal carriage for good luck.

In Europe the shoe became a symbol of domestic authority and in Anglo-Saxon marriages the bride's father transferred his authority to his new son-in-law by handing him his daughter's shoe. The groom would then hold up the shoe and tap it  on the bride's head three times.

In very early times the engagement ring was given as partial payment for the bride and was a symbol of the groom's good intentions.

The first engagement rings were made of grass and later from leather, stone and crude metals.

And for the answers... 

They are all true! Crazy right, I'm really glad no one smashed bread over my head at my wedding. 

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