Wedding Wednesday: July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you all are having a wonderful day off!

I wanted to share a few photos from Selina & Wenzel's Fourth of July wedding we shot few years back.

Selina's favorite holiday had always been the 4th, so it was only fitting that her wedding was a huge Fourth of July party!

At the end of the night, the guests were treated to an amazing fireworks show.

Enjoy the photos!

 The bride's uncle performed the ceremony and  then went water skiing!

For dinner, they served BBQ and crab that had been caught fresh.

The couple cut a small cake and then served their favorite desert,  strawberry shortcake, to all the guests. I love this idea! Totally fitting for a Fourth of July wedding. More on cake alternatives in a few weeks.

Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day!

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