Wedding Wednesday: Giving Great Gifts

We're shaking things up this week and today's post is for all you wedding guests out there.  A couple of tips on getting your friends and family great wedding gifts:

1. Buy something on the registry. I know some of you probably don't want to hear this, but if you really want to bless your friends, get them something that they want and need.

2. Last minute shopping is great! I love to run to the store the day before the wedding and pick up one of the boring yet super important items still left on the registry. I've bought numerous mattress pads for friends. It's not a very exciting present to give, yet it's so necessary. I promise, your friends will be so thankful! And if you want to make it a more exciting gift, spice it up with an added something extra. 

3. Consider having the gift shipped. Especially if the couple is getting married in a different city from where they live, save them from having to transport all of their presents. If you order something from the registry, most stores will offer you the option of having it shipped directly to their home, you don't even have to know the address. 

4. There's nothing wrong with gift cards. When Jason and I  got married, we had both previously lived with roommates and were starting from scratch in putting together our house. Having gift cards to run out and pick up things we didn't receive as wedding gifts was a huge lifesaver. There are definitely some present giving circumstances in which gift cards seem impersonal, this is not one of those times, I promise. I remember who gave me my sets of china and in the same way,  I remember who gave me the gift cards I used to buy my very, very much needed vacuum cleaner. 

5. Remember good etiquette. Although it is polite to be timely about these things, a belated gift is better than not giving one at all. On the flip side, it's polite to be timely with thank you cards, but gift givers, be patient with your newlywed friends and give them a break if it takes awhile.

For Brides, if you haven't already check out Registry 101.

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  1. That's a good idea to ship it directly to them! Definitely saves them the hassle! :) Great tips! I will keep these in mind next time I am going to a friends wedding!

  2. These are great tips! I have the problem of wanting to buy something super excited and different for people, but I really need to be careful with this. I've been writing a checks recently, which they usually appreciate too :)

    Thanks for linking up today!


  3. I love this post--I found it on the Something Charming blog. I never understood how meaningful it is to buy items from the registry until I became engaged. My fiance and I carefully picked out what we wanted/needed on the registry, so I am always thrilled when people buy those things for us!

  4. great idea :)
    Thank you for this tips.. Now I know what to give to my friend.

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  5. The wedding gift will look more precious if you attach home printed gift cards, because the cards express the feeling for someone.

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