Project Pinterest: Cutoffs

I keep seeing great tutorials for making shorts out of old jeans and finally got around to making myself a pair before I left for the lake. I used a pair of cuffed jean shorts from H&M that I'd just gotten tired of wearing. Here are a couple shots Teresa took of me wearing them yesterday at the lake.
Rather than boring you with more photos of me and buckets and fabric in my yard, I'll just tell you to check out the great Mr. Kate basic jean short diy that I used. I just changed mine up a bit and went for variety in color instead of letting it bleach all the way by sort of wading the shorts up and letting some of the fabric float up and out of the bleach.

And just for fun, here's a before shot of me in the shorts a few years back on a road trip through Yellowstone. Can you believe they are the same pair?

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