Drink of the Month: Shandy

Have you ever had a shandy?
Daisy, my good friend from London and our resident expert on all things British, introduced me to the shandy a few weeks ago. It's a great summer drink that seems to be quite popular on the other side of the pond. It would be perfect to serve at any Olympic-viewing parties you might be hosting in the near future.

Shandies are simple, just 1/2 beer and 1/2 sparkling lemonade. I know it sounds a little weird, I'm always off put by mixing anything with beer, but trust me, this one is really good.

If you want to shake it up here's a raspberry shandy recipe.

(Image via My Recipes...also, check out their beer and ginger ale shandy)

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  1. Never had one, but from reading the recipe, this sounds like something I might have drank at a college frat party!