Wedding Wednesday: Tosses with a Twist

The creative wedding ideas are flowing after two weddings this weekend. I have a bunch of great detail ideas to share with you guys! This week, bouquet and garter tosses.

On Saturday the couple we worked with shook up the usual bouquet and garter tosses with a new spin on an old tradition. For the bouquet toss, the DJ invited ALL the female guests out onto the dance floor to participate. Instead of tossing a traditional bouquet, the bride tossed a fortune bouquet that consisted of a bunch of little bouquets that scattered throughout the crowd! Each little bundle of flowers the ladies caught had a fortune tied to it. I love this idea because you could write anything: a fortune, blessing, or you could even attach a gift card!

Martha tells you how to make a fortune bouquet here. 

And then for the garter toss...How many of you have been to a wedding where the single gentlemen are hiding behind things avoiding coming out for the garter toss? When they've reluctantly made their way to the dance floor, the garter is tossed and no one makes a move to catch it at all, instead the guys stand with their hands behind their backs and everyone watches it awkwardly fall to the floor. Well, I have your remedy.

This creative couple had the DJ invite ALL of the male guests to the dance floor and then announced that the winner of the garter toss received a bottle of Crown Royal, you better believe that got every last guy in the room out of their chairs. Needless to say, the garter toss was a huge hit.

I love these updated versions of  traditional wedding staples because the couple included all of their guests, not just the single ones. I've spoken with many unattached friends who dread that awkward moment when they have to walk out on the dance floor announcing their singleness to all of the guests at the wedding. Especially if you only have a few single guests, all the more reason not to call them out.

Have you seen any other creative twists on tosses?

Happy Wedding Wednesday!


  1. These are great ideas! I've never been the biggest fan of a garter toss, but I really love the idea of doing a fortune bouquet toss. How fun and different...and unexpected!

    Thanks for linking up today my dear!


  2. These are amazing ideas!

    Found you on Wedding Wednesday!

  3. What a cute idea ! I might think about this for my own wedding that way I get to keep my bouquet ! lol xx

  4. At my friends wedding, she did a separate teddy bear toss for the kids so they wouldn't get trampled trying to catch the flowers/garter! So cool!

    1. I love this idea! Perfect for a wedding with a lot of younger guests!

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