Watch This: The Killing

Have you seen AMC's The Killing? I'd describe it as some sort of a mix between one of the many current crime dramas on TV and Twin Peaks. It's part way through the second season now. I started watching because because I enjoy the many incarnations of Law and Order, Bones and all those other shows where they solve the murder in 60 minutes or less, but lets be honest, I could do with a few less gruesome imaginings of horrible ways to die. This show focuses on solving only one, delving deeper into the relationships of the people effected by the murder of one teenage girl and putting together her secret life in attempts to find her killer.

The added bonus for me, it takes place in Seattle! I love the cinematography, the b roll includes sweeping scenes of Seattle that are muted and beautiful, very uniquely shot, focusing on different angles on the classic views you typically see of downtown and the Space Needle. The show's somewhat wonky interpretation of Seattle geography, along with the random shots of Vancouver thrown in (that's where they actually shoot it) adds for a bit of humor for myself and anyone else who knows the city.

The one slight problem, it's left me a little scared to run or picnic in Discovery Park anytime soon...

Season 1 is available on Netflix. Season 2 is airing now.

PS. Just to save you the trouble of trying to figure out where you've seen Mireille Enos, the show's star, she's was on Big Love. 


  1. Ok I have you guys to blame for getting me hooked! Its so good- love getting to see all the details in the case! And I love all the love for seattle 235 Ballard Ave nw!! Green lake!

    1. It's so good, isn't it! I'm sad now that I'm fully caught up and I can't binge on multiple episodes at a time. Now I have to patiently wait for each new one on Sunday nights...