Things That I Do When Left Alone

This is what working with my cat looks like...

Jason's gone on shoots for the week (today he's in the exotic Tulsa, Oklahoma!) and I'm left alone with the kitties. When Jason's gone, working from home becomes less fun and more of an excuse to be a hermit. Sometimes I go a little crazy when left to my own devices.

Without further adieu, I give you my crazy list of things I've been know to do when left alone:

Ongoing conversations with the cats. You gotta talk to someone, right?

Have everything I need delivered by Amazon Fresh so I never have to leave the house. They'll even leave it on the doorstep, so I can creepily watch them unload it while lurking behind the curtains in a bathrobe, waiting for them to leave before pulling a Boo Radley and quickly creeping out to grab the bins filled with kombucha and other goodies when no one's looking.

Watch an entire season of Gilmore Girls in one sitting.

Return emails from the bathtub.

Clean while singing along with Julie Andrews. The hills are alive. Really. They are.

I often like to surprise Jason with something new or different about our house when he returns but not tell him what it is. One time, he didn't find the new couch in the basement for a couple of days.

Sleep sideways in the bed. Just because I can.

After not talking to anyone for hours, give the bank teller the low down on my cats in a very long run on sentence as a response to their "How's your day going?"

What do you like to do when you're by yourself?

PS. Just because I referenced To Kill a Mockingbird...

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  1. Thanks for this much needed laugh! I definitely enjoy the moments I can sleep sprawled out diagonally in bed - my husband is a total bed-hog.