Relax on the Roof

I came home from Mexico with a bit of a sunburn, a cute new swimsuit and enough sand to make my own mini beach in my suitcase. But this is what I wish I could have brought home with me:

The Roof Deck

The hotel we stayed at was had a Moroccan theme with a very relaxed bohemian vibe. I really loved the style, bright colors set off by stark white walls and patterned fabrics. All in all, I am really inspired to figure out how to make some sort of oasis like this roof deck for myself at home. The entire place was simple yet chic and the roof was my favorite place to hang out. I was content to sit up there for hours on end reading. 

I'v found that a temporary fix for  wanderlust, is bringing the feel of different places home with me and I'd love to add a bit of the style and feel of the whole place to my house. 


  1. wow. love these photos and the decor.

  2. You know, you can always turn that simple plan of yours into reality anytime you want, my friend. As you’ve said, rooftops are your favorite place to just hangout. So, why not make your own rooftop look like it’s your actual home, where you can just enjoy reading your books, and just have a relaxing time, right?

    Leif Clancy