It seems like it's finally spring in Seattle. Which leads me to frolic, even on ferries. 

Yesterday Jason and I took the ferry to his parent's house to celebrate Easter and his dad's birthday. My parents joined us as well. I realize I'm super lucky to have parents and in-laws who actually like each other and enjoy doing holidays together. It makes everything so much easier on Jason and me. We already started discussing all going to L.A. for Thanksgiving! 
Here's a glimpse at our day through the lenses of our iPhones, which lately we've taken to calling iFuns. Yes, I am super dorky like that and overly attached to my phone. 

At Jason's parents, we had a great meal and cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, one of my favorite cupcake bakeries in Seattle. I have more than one favorite cupcake bakery, depending on the flavor of cupcake and occasion. I take cupcakes very seriously.

Jason hasn't ever seen his dad without a beard. So I figured in honor of his birthday, we should all have have a little bit of facial hair, and brought out a pack of mustaches. I ended up styling my mustache into an awkward sole patch instead. 

Also, can we just take a moment to notice how cute the teacup is. It has feet!

Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. i like all of this. i like your outfit in the ferry pic. and i like the photo of you and richard you both look funny.

  2. also, in case you didnt hear...NPR told me today that facebook bought instagram for (dr. evil voice) "one billion dollars." so there is a fact about your favorite ifun app.

  3. You sure have a fun looking family and you are especially gleeful!!! My little girl loves Peeps and tea cups, too.