Hunger Games MANIA

So, theres' a movie coming out this weekend that some people are pretty excited about.
Teresa and I might just have tickets for opening night...
Anyway, here's a conglomeration of all things Hunger Games, to get you in the spirit.

Check out photos of the Premiere here.

You can watch the trailers here. Or re-watch them, as would be the case for many of us...Get your own Mockingjay pin, necklace, bracelet, iPhone case, t-shirt, bracelet, bag, earrings, etc. all available on Etsy. I could actually see myself wearing this Mockingjay and arrow bracelet.

China Glaze has a Hunger Games line of nail polish called "Capitol Colors" out now.

A ton of people have created maps of Panem, they are all vastly different. Lets just say, it looks like some people did their research, some did not and some chose to use crayons. - You're the friend I'd feel the worst about killing in a post-apocalyptic death match for food

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

Unofficial HG cookbook

HG inspired pencil set

Hob shopping bag DIY.

Capitol Culture

The New York Sports Club is offering the "Train Like a Tribute" Hunger Games Workout, plastic bows and simulated tree climbing included.

Meet the Tributes, see photos of the actors playing tributes from other districts and descriptions of their characters. WARNING: don't click if you haven't read the books yet. Spoilers involved.

A couple of pastors even created a Hunger Games Bible study.

(Photos via Seattle Times and Pop Sugar)


  1. Going. Midnight Thursday @ Lincoln Cinemas. Katie, Danielle, me and about... 300 Bellevue High students no doubt. :) I hope the odds are truly in our favor that night--we'll need it.

    1. Yikes! Good luck! We aren't brave enough to attempt a midnight showing. We're going on Friday night.

    2. are you guys dressing up Shannon? the rumor on the street is that Jenny is going to be in full costume. :)