Valentines Day- An Excuse to Do What You Love!

I've never really been a huge fan of Valentines Day itself, but I really do love any reason to bring some joy and excitement to the dreary month of February. Last year, since Jason was shooting in India, a girlfriend and I put together a fun day of activities. We started off in the studio audience of a local TV show, watching friends perform. Totally random, I know, but actually really fun and interesting to see what goes into a live broadcast. AND, added bonus, everyone there got a couple's Snuggie! We spent the rest of the day eating at two of our favorite restaurants, painting pottery, watching movies and eating sweets. 
The audience was forced to wear the Snuggies and cheer loudly.
 I was thankful to have a seat in back.

This year, thanks to Pinterest, I'd found great ideas for all things red, pink, chocolate and heart shaped and was getting excited to create and bake. Then, I was stricken with some sort of crazy debilitating death-flu right after I got back from Kenya last week and those plans went out the window. No one wants me to make them parasite filled bon bons, and I don't have the energy to anyway. I'm finally feeling better and will be spending the evening with Teresa, doing whatever we feel like, and that's what Valentine's day should be about. Doing whatever you love to do with people that you care about. 

PS. Looking for a great romantic movie? Check out my post on Two for the Road. It is one of my favorites!

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